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By the time your student graduates, they will have found the right college and be college ready. Victory is committed to helping students and parents with their academic and college planning beginning in 7th grade. Each year, counselors meet with students to work on their course load to ensure that their academic goals are being met. Our students graduate ready to not only attend college but to thrive. We are committed to our students finding universities and colleges that best fit with their goals. 

As a student progresses through their studies at Victory, we encourage them to refine their personal objectives while broadening their university options. We accomplish this by bringing the universities to our campus to show them the wide options of what is available. We will help them access and review their progress to properly evaluate both their potential and performance. The sophomore year will focus on career exploration and planning.

During the junior year, they will be advised how to begin more intensive study and planning that will guide them in the exciting task of choosing a college. Juniors will begin the process of narrowing their college choices and begin visiting prospective schools.

By the fall of your senior year, our college guidance office will confer with you and your parents to assist in making final decisions about colleges to which you will apply. They will also assist you in learning the procedures and strategies for the college application and scholarship process.


VCS is excited to now have Naviance as partners in connecting our students with colleges, making even longer strides in preparing our Conquerors for life after high school.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable counselors guide families through the college search and application processes. Our academic planning program starts in 7th grade and consists of a series of
(1) grade-level seminars to educate students and parents on the college admission process, including the roles of course selection and rigor, standardized testing, and extracurricular involvement, and

(2) individual guidance meetings which tailor the college search and application processes to a student’s needs and calling.

With a wealth of college options available to our students, our counselors seek to build relationships with students, parents, teachers, and college admissions representatives to enable students to identify and attend best “fit” colleges in terms of opportunities for academic, spiritual, social, professional and citizenship development.

Students have the opportunity to meet with different college and university representatives throughout the academic year on the VCS campus. These visits allow students to establish strong connections with each college representative and to learn more about each institution.

 A variety of colleges have visited our campus, including the University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, Pepperdine University, Texas Christian University, Louisiana State University, Ouachita Baptist University and many more. 

ACT and SAT standardized tests scores are a key factor in the college admissions process. VCS administers the PSAT and ACT aspire tes to students each Fall. The PSAT is a practice test for the College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). This test is also used in the junior year to select National Merit Scholars. The  ACT aspire is an ACT "lite" exam that is administered for practice for the ACT exam. The VCS Academic and College planning office tracks student test results year-to-year and can help direct students to test services that can partner with students working to maximize test scores.

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