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Welcome to Elementary Athletics. This website will be our key to communication. It will help parents and students get more information about Victory Elementary Athletics. A good athletic program requires cooperation from the School and the Parents. These two groups must work together to ensure a successful sports program. Communication will be the tool needed to lay the foundation for this success. What God is doing here at Victory is awesome. The future for our kids is now and we must give them the tools they need to prosper.

Elementary athletics has taken many turns in the past. It has now become the primary tool that drives any High School sports program. Parents learn early that fellowship is important but excellence with fellowship is needed. Parents also want options; options that meet their kids needs. Whether these options are recreational or competitive the athletic department must be there to assist. This is our goal; to provide these options and to give service to our parents to help achieve their desires.

Thank you for taking the time in your kid’s future with athletics. Your cooperation, help and prayers are needed. God Bless!


Victory Christian School has been raised up to train, prepare and equip young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Athletics are an important component of this vision.
The purpose of our athletic program is four fold:
1. To help develop the Christian Character of the students who participate.
2. To use our teams to be effective witnesses of the transforming power of Jesus Christ.
3. To fully develop the athletic ability of each student athlete.
4. To provide our students an opportunity to fellowship with other believers in the area of athletics.


Victory Christian School is committed to providing our elementary students with opportunities to participate in several different sports. We sponsor elementary sports programs in 1st – 6th grades. Other elementary sports programs are provided through leagues, associations, and clubs in the Tulsa area. VCS will help coordinate and organize teams, recruit volunteer coaches and act as a facilitator for these teams. However, the success of all elementary sports programs is directly related to parent’s involvement.



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