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The SAFETY of your child(ren) holds utmost importance to us. We continue our commitment to their SECURITY. The following are some of our measurements we feel will bring peace in a world of chaos.

All doors LOCK DOWN from 8:05 to 3:15 each day.  The ONLY point of entry is through the main school entrance.

Our Lewis campus is now home to all our Victory ministry, college, and school.

Adding the ministry and college to our church-side building we have added 6 control access doors to restrict movement from the church to VCS. Only approved Employees will have the ability to scan and gain access to VCS.

Only VCS staff and approved employees office out of the school side of the building.

The interior stairwells are unlocked for student access during the school day. The stairwell located just inside the main school entrance and the stairwell by the front elevator are locked down during the school day. The school receptionist has electronic control over the stairwell by the school entrance and the church receptionist has electronic control over the stairwell by the prayer room and the glass doors into the school. In addition, the church receptionist can inactivate the front elevator. The interior entrance door is remotely unlocked for student and guest entry ONCE the student is at the door and has been seen with VCS ID or if the guest has been checked in via Raptor system.

All visitors to the building during school time (8:05AM - 3:15PM) must CHECK-IN using our Raptor technology which checks identification against a national criminal background check database. 

VCS has 4 Security Officers on campus during the school day.

Our staff participates in regular training utilizing the ALICE training program.

VCC and VCS now have over 200 surveillance cameras around the building and grounds. The 24 we added now completely cover the track, gym, and all stairwells. Running and monitored 24 hours a day. These can be actively viewed by both Security Personnel as well as School Administration.

VCS has implemented "mobile panic buttons" placed on all staff cell phones.

Drew Bontrager - Director of Security

Drew is the Director of Security for Victory Christian Center. He holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia Southern University.

Drew is an Active Law Enforcement Officer with 15 years of experience. He has partnered with multiple police departments with a concentration in school safety/security.

Assisted in the initiation and development of Union Public Schools Campus Security Department 

Active Member of National Association of School Resource Officers/OK Association of School Resource Officers
Active Member of Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association
OK Handgun License Instructor 

Drew and his wife Cari have one son named Caleb. 

You may also see him on ESPN as he is also a NCAA Division 1 Basketball Official 

New Security Measures & Personnel

March 06, 2018
By Drew Bontrager

A message from Drew Bontrager - Director of Security, Victory Christian

Victory Families

In light of the recent threats to local school districts, Victory Christian Center and Victory Christian School are adding security to our school. VCC Security has partnered with Tulsa County Sheriffs Office and several retired Tulsa Police Officers to patrol the school grounds during school hours. This is in addition to our normal security team. 

Your child's safety is our primary goal while they are on our campus.

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3/6/18 - By Drew Bontrager